LSE Africa Summit 2016
Africa Within a Global Context
22nd - 23rd April 2016

Research Conference | ‘Challenging Conventions’
Africans across the continent are impacting the world at the same time that global influences affect their daily lives. Globalisation presents African countries with opportunities as well as challenges that require innovative solutions. Plans for moving forward cannot ignore Africa’s growing interactions with China, its role as a knowledge creator, or the reality of illicit financial flows. Nor can they neglect globalisation as a local reality.

This Research Conference – on 22nd April 2016 – explores how these processes inform policies that aim to sustain the continent’s rise. It will stimulate provocative and practical debates that move beyond conventions and normative orientations about Africa’s position in the world. By bringing together African and international researchers, scholars, development professionals and policy practitioners, the conference offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the link between academic research and policies that consider the global context.

We are pleased to announce a Call for Papers to be submitted electronically (Word or PDF format) to Selected authors get the opportunity to present their paper during the LSE Africa Summit on 22nd April 2016.

Submission information
•    Submissions must include:
    a) the paper title
    b) full paper
    c) a short biography including current position, and
    d) clarification whether you need a scholarship from the LSE Africa Summit to participate. A limited number of scholarships is available to cover the costs of participation for scholars who will otherwise not be able to attend the conference.

The scholarships will be awarded based on paper quality and relevance.
•    Paper submissions must be between 6000 – 8000 words.
•    All abstracts must be written in English. Papers are allowed to be written in English, French, Portuguese or Arabic.
•    All publications must be original work, not published elsewhere.
•    Submitters agree that only one author can be considered for a scholarship to cover costs of participation if the author would otherwise not be able to attend.
Paper selection for the conference and conference Journal will be based on relevance and academic quality. An expert panel will review the papers and award a prize to the best paper.

•    Application Deadline (Paper submission): 21st December 2015
•    Notification of selected papers: 25th January 2016
•    Acceptance by selected authors: 1st February 2016

Submissions on the following topics (but not restricted to them) are welcome:
•    China’s involvement in Africa: Does China’s presence in Africa benefit Africans? In what way?
•    Global negotiations, multilateral organisations and national policy space: How can Africans and African governments claim more policy space under global governance?
•    Illicit financial flows (IFF): Whose responsibility is it to combat IFFs and what policies and regulations can be put in place to address this issue?
•    Land grabbing, land tenure security and livelihoods: What are the local complexities of land tenure security behind and beyond the ‘Global’ land grab?
•    Global gender equality initiatives and local realities: How do (should) global gender equality values (e.g. SDG’s) shape realities in local communities across African countries?
•    Diaspora and Africa’s development: How does the diaspora trigger innovation across Africa that contributes to the continent’s social and economic development?
•    Politics of knowledge in higher education: What is ‘African knowledge’ and what innovations help African Academic institutions to claim more space in a global ‘knowledge’ market?
•    Creativity as a tool for change: How do young people use social media to facilitate and promote homebred solutions?
•    Private sector involvement in health care: What role can business play in health care? Is foreign direct investment a way for Africa to strengthen its health sectors?

For questions about the Call for Papers, please contact Milou Vanmulken at

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